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Horse boarding and training in Ontario

Stal Rembrandt is a Horse Training stable tor show jumpers, hunters and equitation, and basic dressage. Starting and breaking young horses, training of the young or amateur rider with lessons, and sport conditioning for sale and sport horses. With a European background, the horses and students are set up for success. Safety comes first with experienced coaching because a good foundation creates a path to a good partnership between horse and rider.

Located an hour from Toronto and the GTA this boarding and schooling barn offers relaxed individual and group turnout. The Escarpment offers rolling hills for riding and a beautiful location to enjoy watching or riding your equine investment. If you are looking for your next training facility in an online “near me” search referring to the Caledon, Shelburne, Palgrave, Orangeville, and Hockley region please call or email us to check for upcoming availability.

If you are interested in the mental and physical benefits of horseback riding we would be happy to answer any questions. The stable’s brand prides itself on the premium care and attention offered to the horses and our boutique size allows clients and owners quality one-on-one time to discuss the future of their youngster or sale prospect with the Grand Prix trainer. Quality assistance is the key to achieving your goals in a safe and timely fashion and reduces the chance of injury for horse and rider, and a relaxed friendly atmosphere makes the journey more fun. Stal Rembrand had experience in developing horses from yearling’s through Grand Prix, so if you need a horse prepared for The Royal Governor Generals Cup or to compete in a high-level event we are there every step of the way.

How can we help?

Improving a horse’s education, skill set and fitness with the purpose of preparing them for sale or for an upcoming season of competition or Hunting

For horses who have become sour or stop at jumps

Basic love care and turnout

Training of the rider to form a correct foundation, improve security in the saddle and advance aids in both Jumping and on the flat.

Beginning with handling and ground-work progressing kindly and efficiently to having a young horse happy to allow a rider on their back

Participating in classes with horse for more experience, or accompanying the rider to the show for support and advice

We offer horse transport with our modern trailer suitable for 5 horses.